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        RECOMMENDED BOOK:  Stream of Light   

This is a first-time translation of a long lost French spiritual classic: 
 Cum Clamore Valido 
—a book of extra-ordinary locutions by Our Lord to an anonymous French nun in the years leading up to WWII.  It is published in translation at this time in the belief that Our Lord's message is more relevant than ever to today's troubled world.

 "I am so grateful for having this instructive classic back in print and into my hands.  I cannot recommend the book strongly enough.  It is spiritual reading at its best and a gift to the Church.  If you are a consecrated soul, a very great treasure has fallen into your hands."  
—Rev. John Olin Brown, hermit priest of the  
archdiocese of Trani-Barletta-Biseglie-Nazareth
$12.95  245 pp ISBN 978-0-9801174-6-2
"I must say I felt overwhelmed while reading this book. I highly recommend it to consecrated souls and to the lay faithful. TOLLE ET LEGE! Yes, take up the book and read!"
+Francis Micallef, OCD Emeritus Bishop of Kuwait

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The short meditations by the many voices in this book all teach, directly or indirectly, how the ordinary things we do in the course of our day can connect us to God.  How work in its many forms can and should be a form of prayer. 

In the Introduction 
(download free), the book offers a Catholic doctrine of work, of how to work in a way that not only pleases Our Lord but draws Him into the work.

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$14.95  297 pp  ISBN 978-0-9801174-1-7
"This book should be used in parishes for spiritual formation."
—Rev. Raphael Simon, OCSO, Trappist monk, retreat master, psychiatrist
Listen to what St. Therese has to say about work:  "I have never heard Him speak, but I know that He is within me.  Just when I need it, a new light shines on my problems.  This happens not so much during my hours of prayer as when I'm busy with my daily work."  

The Mystery of Work is indeed being used in parish book study groups, and to good effect.  "This book is changing the way I look at everything I do," said one participant.  A companion Study Guide to the book has been developed for parish purposes. The Study Guide comprises six lessons that focus on four distinct ways of undertaking any kind of work. The Guide, which may be downloaded here free of charge, offers material for both study group participants and the group leader.
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Free Study Guide to The Mystery of Work.
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12 Conferences on the Spiritual Formation of the Priest by Rev. Raphael Simon (1909-2006)
Originally delivered at the San Alfonso Retreat Center, West End, N. J. these conferences treat of the priest's spiritual formation as key to the spiritual formation of the faithful.  

Father Raphael Simon was a Trappist monk for 63 years, most of it spent at St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, MA. Prior to becoming a priest, he was a medical doctor and psychiatrist. 

He is the author
of Hammer and Fire and The Glory of Thy People.

The Lord's Prayer

A Mystical 
an anonymous spiritual director of priests and religious
of the Cross
A Mystical Meditation
an anonymous spiritual director of priests and religious

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He who sees Me sees the Father
Mother and Child Envision the Cross
Mary Magdalene, Woman of Sorrows
11 pp.
25 pp.
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EXCERPTS  1,   2,  
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NEW! The Man I Called Father  (Memoir)
NEW!  In Defense of Mermaids - Poems by 
Rev. Thomas Dominic Rover, O.P.
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MY LITTLE CHILDREN, you must understand that I am a Father who gives Himself and in giving Himself, gives everything—just as I communicate My Being to My Only Begotten Son eternally, so that even as He is true God, He has nothing in Himself but everything from Me—that is why He is the Littlest of the little. And so I would be a Father to you, communicating Myself totally to you in My Son. O My little children, see, then, how necessary it is for you to be so small that you are nothing in yourselves, nothing outside of Me—like My Son—so that you may receive everything from me.  
THE WHOLE MEANING AND PURPOSE of the Stations of the Cross is that you may first prepare to die to yourself, in Jesus, and then die with Him so that, dead to yourself in Him, you may receive everything from the Father. This is the meaning and purpose of your whole life, the perfect preparation for your final death, and for your eternal life in heaven.

And thus, as you follow Jesus to His death, the truth is that it is you at this time, not Jesus in Himself, but Jesus in you, who are going to your Calvary as He went before you. The death Jesus died, He died only once, and now He can die no more, in Himself. But in you He longs to die once again—that He may live in you, which is the fulfillment of His own dying.

Our Father Meditation
Stations of the Cross Meditation
How Heaven sees our times and what must be done