Stream of Light
Mary's Locutions to the World by Topic
This volume, Stream of Light, condenses and draws into focus the five volumes of Locutions to the World that present daily messages given principally by Mary (from December 10, 2010 to September 24, 2015) to a special soul under the direction of a Roman Catholic priest. Because of the sheer number of locutions imparted over a five-year span, it is possible for the reader to lose sight of an underlying narrative concerning God’s plan for mankind. In this volume, this narrative is disclosed in Mary’s own words, chapter by chapter. The opening chapter, “The Present Situation,” aids the reader to understand how to interpret our times by disclosing the way heaven views our modern age. Other chapters, such as the one that presents Mary’s locutions about “The Father’s Plan” for the world, divulge why Mary’s appearances at Fatima are key to that plan. Still other chapters present Mary’s answers to such questions as “Why the Locutions?” and “What Does Mary Want Us To Do?” Final chapters contain her predictions about “Events and Prophecies” that point toward a future world which she says will be a “world filled with the greatest gifts ever given to mankind by God.” (Mary, Mar. 28, 2014) The cumulative impact of these locutions, organized in this focused fashion, is quite powerful, not just by interpreting our trying times, but even more by offering guidance on how to prepare for and to negotiate the perils of the present age.
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Locutions to the World

Volume One - Let the Word Go                                      Forth
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Volume Two -  Let the Word Go                                      Forth
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Volume Three The Two Hearts                                  Speak to the                                           World
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Volume Four   -  The Two Hearts                                   Speak to the                                            World  
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Volume Five - How Heaven Sees                            Our World Today
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