Catholic Literary Works 
by the Author Bernard Scott
Stories in this collection, like "Here's Mashed," "A Different Kind of Day," "With All His Heart," along with a few others, all depict contemporary lives in conflicts of one kind or another, until something interesting and unexpected happens to change things. The style is in the manner of modern minimalism, where the story characters are depicted  rather than described, more like a film or show than an account. 

 Stories like "I Heard Their Laughter," and "Brian's Law" are quite different. These are longer treatments of rather inordinate lives. The first story depicts the state of a math freak cooped up under the roof of an abandoned building, pon- dering the life he should have lived but had refused. Then something happens to redeem it.

BRIAN’S LAW depicts a fourteen-year-old boy who thinks he is smarter than Einstein. The tale makes certain demands on the reader, but if the reader has even a passing interest in modern physics, this story is guaranteed to fascinate. It is the author’s favorite work, by far.

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An agnostic scientist travels to a remote land to chase down rumors of a primitive tribe said to be wrapped in silence, silent even when they speak. How can this be? His pursuit for answers takes him up a dangerous river and ultimately to Lost Mountain. When he learns the awful secret that afflicts this tribe. the story suddenly takes on far deeper significance for him. Setting science aside, this agnostic explorer seeks a way to alleviate the plight of this unfortunate tribe. In the end, however, a series of mysterious events takes matters out of his hands, teaching him something far beyond the limits of natural science.

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 Mystery Novel  -- 216 pages.
Short Stories -- 162 pages
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Catholic Novella -- 144 pages
This is a linked collection of short stories that make up a whole tale. In these tales we see emerge an uncommonly attractive young  woman, Monica, who, after a series of corrosive affairs, utterly falls apart. A young priest tries to help her, and in the process becomes drawn to this woman who is as lovely as she is needy, an attraction that has him deeply troubled.  An older priest enters the picture and, indirectly, helps saves the day. But this is really a story about grace, how grace enters into such situations, and how grace can heal disordered affections of the heart. Interestingly, this healing does not come about by slamming the door on human affections, just because they are disordered in some way. There is a blessed lesson to be learned, one that involves an act of holy trust.

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The author, Bernard Scott, is a published poet (First Things,  Wanderer), anthologized feature writer, and award-winning short story writer. His novel, Secret of Lost Mountain, was a finalist in the 2012 Tuscany Prize for Novels. All his stories have a Catholic slant, even though, often, this may only be evident in moments of grace that enter into the lives depicted in these stories.  
"Better than Flannery O'Connor."  - Rev. Raphael Simon, Trappist monk and psychiatrist.