Brian's Law 
      And Other Catholic        Short Stories       

Bernard Scott
Stories of contemporary lives that are off-kilter in one way or another, but then, of a sudden, there's a turn.​
The long story, BRIAN's LAW, on the other hand, is pure romp. A 14-year old freshman at Princeton thinks he's smarter than Einstein, and in some respects he may very well be.
ISBN 978 0980117448 - 154 pages
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Story Excerpts
"True or False" was among the winners in the Tuscany Press collection of Best Catholic Short Stories for 2012. It is reprinted here with permission.

"The Edge of the Coffin" was a finalist in the Tuscany Press Prizewinning Short Story collection for 2013.
"The Edge of the Coffin" was described by the Trappist Monk and psychiatrist, Rev. Raphael Simon,  as "better than Flannery O'Connor."
"Night of Holy Innocence" first appeared in the 2011 Christmas issue of the Wanderer.  It is reprinted here with permission.
About the Author 
Bernard (Bud) Scott wrote these stories in between the demands of his career as an entrepreneurial computational linguist, a career depicted elsewhere on this website.  He is a Catholic convert, a published poet, and an anthologized essayist. He has published several novels, one of which, Secret  of Lost Mountain, was a finalist in the Tuscany Press competition for the best Catholic novel in 2012.  Excerpts from this and his latest novel, The Heart Hath Its Reasons, can be found on this website here.