Contemplations of a Mind and Heart Touched by God
I AM THE BEING IN WHOM YOU HAVE YOUR BEING. I am deep within you — so deep that unless you advert to Me you are not aware of My existence. The things you are aware of are only My effects. They are superficial, and yet you measure almost everything by them.

You think of your life and of your existence as one thing, and of Me, Jesus, your God, as something apart from you. Thus you do not realize that it is I Who sustain you in your existence, apart from Whom you are absolutely nothing, that it is I, the God who sustains you in being Who am your Jesus, Who am waiting, waiting at each moment to give Myself to you, to give you not only the fulfillment of your natural life, but the supernatural perfection of that life, My life.

But I cannot give you My Life unless you become quiet within Me. Your natural life is given to you without this recollection, but My Life is waiting to pour itself into you as, by your recollection, you become more and more open to Me. Form the habit, therefore, of slipping away from everything else, letting yourself fall, so to speak, into Me. Everything that happens to you is ordered to this end. I am the Truth, and all truth is in Me; when you let yourself fall into Me, deep within you, you leave all the lies with which you are so incessantly preoccupied, lies by which you seek continuously, in one way or another, to justify your existence.
Meditations are drawn from the papers of a 20th century servant of God, a spiritual director of priests, religious and lay faithful.  They record his own spiritual journey to God, and are published  now in the hopes they they may prove helpful to others in their spiritual journeys. These meditations are being published anonymously, as he requested before he died.
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