Beyond Creationism
—High Owen
Under Development
On Music and Faith
—Russian Orthodox 
Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev

Remember When? 

Families were intact and living outside of wedlock was a scandal.
Birth outside of marriage was a tragedy.
Families with lots of children were regarded with delight
Fathers were honored as heads of their household
Authority was generally respected
Music strove to touch beauty
Art sought to capture the wonder of nature, persons and things  
Religion and religious symbols permeated society
Faith and reason lived in harmony
Natural law was revered above positive law
All life was respected and abortion was sin
The Ten Commandments were observed
Marriage could only ever be between a man and a woman
Sodomy was a crime
Truth existed and could be known, even if imperfectly
A person would be considered sick if he or she thought the loss of any of the above represented progress