An Unusual Penance

Written as an inspiration on April 4th, 2014, duration First Friday Adoration, after being told by my confessor that my penance would be to write about the Eucharist.

My son, my little brother, if I who lived on earth as you do now, but with me it was 2000 years ago, if I wanted after all this passage of time  to still be with you, with you in a way that would be gentle and not frightening, how would I accomplish that?  

And if I wanted to be with you in a way that united us, not as two presences external to each other, but so that we would become one; and if I wanted to transfer to you the merits of my own passion, death and resurrection. so that these would not just be events that you reflect on in your memory, but events that in a real way become actual for you − in all these objectives of my Heart, how could I accomplish them to fulfill my deepest longings, and also the longings of your own heart and nature? 

The answer, my child, lies in that Host that you adore during adoration, and that you witness being transformed into my presence for you, on the altar, by the priest, and that you consume after the consecration, a consuming of Me that is the consummation of my deepest desire for you, and that, as nothing else in the world, consummates your being, and makes you mine.