The Redeemer's Call to Consecrated Souls
Edited with Introduction by Henri Monier-Vinard, S.J. 
This is a first-time translation of a long lost, ecclesiastically-approved  French spiritual classic:
 Cum Clamore Valido, which  translates, "With loud cries and tears," (Heb. 5:7).

This is a book of extraordinary locutions by Our Lord to an anonymous French nun in the years leading up to WWII.  

It is published in translation at this time in the belief that Our Lord's message is more relevant than ever to today's troubled world.

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244 Pages



I look for souls bowed down, souls whose will is so identified with my Will that they no longer can do anything but cling to It, submit to It, bowing until they merge and disappear in It. And doing that before the least indication, before any manifestation of my good pleasure, of my divine preference.

If you want to unite yourself intimately with my inmost Life, keep in mind that my Life of intimacy with my Father has always been one of perfect accord with his paternal Will. Will perfectly fulfilled and therefore fully glorified.

Meditate on this deeply so that you yourselves may become part of this in all its intimacy. Understand that “will perfectly fulfilled” means “food devoured and savored with the satisfying hunger and permeating flavor of love.” Food devoured with this avidness that takes and consumes all, leaving absolutely nothing. 

Do all of you do this? Do you do it better and better each day?  

Remember that the food of my Will becomes divinizing only on condition of being devoured and savored, and that in the very proportion you do this you advance with Me, by Me and in Me into the boundless, fathomless depths of divine intimacy. 

These are the utterly crucifying paternal Wishes that my truly consecrated ones devour with utmost ardor, savor most sweetly, for they understand that it is just in the measure that they cause the human me to die that these Wishes become divinizing, satisfying, and therefore amiable, loving, utterly adorable.

Here is an effective way to examine how faithfully one adheres to what so pleases my Heart: Nothing more, nothing less, nothing other than what my love wants, desires, prefers:

“Nothing more,” because the more is often pride;
“Nothing less,” because the less is almost always cowardice;
“Nothing other,” because this is always a turning away from mortification and an egoistic attachment to one’s own views.

Rather: “All that I want: nothing but what I want,  such as I desire and prefer it.”
"I must say I felt overwhelmed while reading this book. I highly recommend it to consecrated souls and to the lay faithful. TOLLE ET LEGE! Yes, take up the book and read!"
+Francis Micallef, OCD Emeritus Bishop of Kuwait
Ecclesiatically-approved locution
 "I am so grateful for having this instructive classic back in print and into my hands.  I cannot recommend the book strongly enough.  It is spiritual reading at its best and a gift to the Church.  If you are a consecrated soul, a very great treasure has fallen into your hands."  
—Rev. John Olin Brown, hermit priest of the archdiocese of Trani-Barletta-Biseglie-Nazareth

To imitate and touch the Mercy of your heavenly Father and by it to draw Mercy down upon the poor world, be merciful like your heavenly Father, and do not grow weary gazing at the Heart of Mary, the most accessible model I have given.
Mistress as well as Mother of Mercy. Learn from Her to be like Her, each of you, to be merciful mother to souls. Go to her school: She will teach you the great secret of maternal mercy.

See most particularly the child in every soul, a potential Jesus, a Jesus to be realized, a Christ to be engendered so that the circle of the Father’s great family may be widened. Work of love that inspires pity and compassion because this potential Jesus in every soul in some way is a Jesus in peril, a Jesus exposed to contradiction, at-tacked, oppressed by thousands of enemies stirred up by my great enemy, Satan.

A Jesus awaiting deliverance, therefore well-deserving of attracting a mother’s compassion, who thus sees in each soul a Jesus to be saved, a Jesus to be freed from the foe’s captivity, a Jesus to make flourish in some way, a Jesus to be raised up, as this word so pro-foundly puts it, an ascension of life rising from the depths of a life created in the divine image. And finally, a Jesus to be offered to the Father.

The art and the secret of the maternal apostolate of Mary is to bring forth souls to the Father by bringing forth Jesus in souls. All the love that She has for her Infant-God She bears to all the children of God, brothers of her Jesus, and especially to consecrated souls, they who are privileged among the privileged.

Aides of her maternal love, meditate and meditate again on the sweet gentleness of charity, goodness, and condescension that you must have for souls that I have given you to defend, souls in which my Life is ever more in peril in this hour of such infernal, satanic contradiction!