The Mystery of Work
Bernard Scott, Editor​
Saints, Popes, Mystics, reflect on the  
words of Christ:  
"Without Me you can do nothing."  
The short meditations by the many voices in this book all teach, directly or indirectly, how the ordinary things we do in the course of our day can connect us to God.  How work in its many forms can and should be a form of prayer. In the Introduction  (download free), the book offers a Catholic doctrine of work, of how to work in a way that not only pleases Our Lord but draws Him into the work itself.

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Logos Institute Press
Listen to what St. Therese has to say about work in this book:  "I have never heard Him speak, but I know that He is within me.  Just when I need it, a new light shines on my problems.  This happens not so much during my hours of prayer as when I'm busy with my daily work."  

Recommended for parish study

"This book should be used in parishes for spiritual formation."
—Rev. Raphael Simon, OCSO, Trappist monk, retreat master, psychiatrist
The Mystery of Work is indeed being used in parish book study groups, and to good effect.  "This book is changing the way I look at everything I do," said one participant.  A companion Study Guide to the book has been developed for parish purposes. The Study Guide comprises six lessons that focus on four distinct ways of undertaking any kind of work. The Guide, which may be downloaded here free of charge, offers material for both study group participants and the group leader.
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